About Us

Avenue Code is the leading software consultancy focused on delivering end-to-end digital transformation solutions for enterprise organizations of all kinds. We have guided Fortune 100 companies through their software innovation journeys since we first opened for business in 2008.

Digital Transformation: a History

We got our start delivering solutions for e-commerce. Pushed to evolve rapidly to keep up with consumer demands, the retail industry pioneered digital transformation, from cutting-edge methodologies and best-in-class tools and technologies to innovative practices for payment systems, delivery, and more.

Over the last several years, we’ve applied our expertise to serve clients in diverse industries, including automotive, finance, and healthcare. Consumer expectations are universally high when it comes to digital interaction with brands, but you don’t have to do it alone. Software innovation is a journey — let us guide you.

Client Services

We remain hands-on with you and your team throughout the duration of your projects with dedicated account managers ready to address your everyday needs. Our personal touch is what sets us apart from other consulting firms that do no more than staff augmentation. From our earliest discussions about the scope of your project, our Client Services team members attend meetings to become intimately acquainted with your culture, priorities, and project needs. You’ll receive personal oversight from an assigned member of our executive team throughout your engagement with us and will also have a dedicated account manager. From there, you can expect regular calls, meetings, and on-site supervision where applicable. We are committed to communicating proactively to anticipate your needs and concerns rather than reacting to them as they arise. Our Client Services team works in tandem with our Talent Acquisition team so that we can quickly present you with well-qualified, culture-fitted candidates as needs for new roles arise.

Technology Delivery

Our diverse team is competent across a wide range of languages, platforms, and tools, saving you time and money on training new staff. We keep up with the latest technology trends and incentivize our consultants to further their skill sets with training and certifications. No matter the project, you need to know that your delivery team fully understands your vision and values, will respond accordingly, and is up to speed on the most effective tools and methods available. As Avenue Code has grown and matured, we’ve restructured our executive roles so that our company remains ahead of the industry curve at the highest level when it comes to emerging technologies, platforms, and tools. In turn, we regularly work to develop our delivery consultants by adhering to rigorous personal development plans, utilizing time on the bench to develop expertise in new fields, and sponsoring our consultants to write, speak, and present to others. By the time they arrive at your office on day one, our delivery teams are thoroughly equipped to translate your objectives into working solutions.

Project Management

We lead highly effective Agile delivery teams, giving you the confidence that your important milestones will be consistently met. In today’s market, Agile is table stakes for any successful delivery. What makes us different is that we take traditional Agile principles one step further to maximize our effectiveness. For instance, we require our on-shore talent to work on site with clients and our near-shore talent in Brazil to be available during clients’ business hours. We’ve built a streamlined release management program that requires our QAs to work right alongside engineers during development, ensuring a faster and more effective testing period. Our Project Managers are trained to be flexible and adaptive even within a sprint, juggling dependencies and resources so that stories are completed and the team can move seamlessly to the next sprint, never missing a beat. The result is an efficient, harmonious team that works according to your deadlines and deploys releases continuously or on a monthly or quarterly schedule, depending on your preferences.

Talent Acquisition

Our ability to source, screen, and hire top technical talent in record time allows you to keep your focus on achieving your business objectives. We ensure that our expert consultants map well to your company culture and can jump in as key contributors on day one. Any great services company knows that its success and reputation rests entirely on the quality of its people. That’s why we’re extremely selective about the quality of our consultants, practicing a rigorous, multi-layered approach to our hiring process that includes hands-on coding challenges, culture fit interviews, and scorecard mapping. At the same time, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to finding the right talent for your project. To ensure we meet high standards for both skill level and time-to-hire, we’ve developed a world-class talent acquisition practice.

Leadership Team

Zeo Solomon

Fundador & Diretor de Estratégias

Amir Razmara

Fundador & Diretor de Tecnologias

Ulyana Zilbermints

Diretora de Receita

Alexander Carvalho

Vice Presidente Global

Holly Camponez

Diretora de Serviços Criativos

Pallavi Mehta

Diretora de Sucesso do Cliente

Fábio de Paula

Diretor de Tecnologias e Serviços - US & CA

Orlando Neto

Diretor de Entrega - BR

Danielle Borges

Diretora Global de Recursos Humanos

Laís Ferrarezi

Diretor Global de Recrutamento e Seleção

Rafael Romão

Diretor de Tecnologia - BR

Thallisson Lauton

Diretor de Serviços - BR

Jimmy Mayal

Diretor de Produto e Serviços Digitais - CA

Rodrigo Ragil

Global Legal Director

Ronaldo Arrudas

Diretor de Arquitetura

Daniel Reck

Diretor de Sucesso do Cliente Brasil e LATAM

Gina Fekry

Diretora de Finanças Norte América

Flávio Costa

Diretor de Finanças LATAM

Working at Avenue Code

Interested in working here and ready to learn more? Here’s what our consultants have to say:

“Ser um #AvenueCoder significa que tenho todo o suporte para dar o meu melhor e crescer como pessoa e profissional. E, por último, tenho a liberdade de trabalhar de qualquer lugar.”

“Fazer parte da Avenue Code me trouxe muitos pontos de vista diferentes sobre a forma como trabalho, permitindo me conectar com diferentes tipos de pessoas. Acredito que se você trabalha em algo com o qual realmente se importa e é reconhecido por seu bom trabalho, as coisas parecem se encaixar.”

“Na Avenue Code, sinto que minha filosofia de trabalho como Engenheira de Controle de Qualidade é levada em consideração, e qualidade é uma coisa séria, não apenas um bordão. A diversidade desempenha um papel central no nosso cotidiano, alargando os horizontes de todos e criando um espaço acolhedor para todos. Também aprecio o fato de que existem muitas oportunidades de crescimento aqui e nossas escolhas de carreira são importantes.”

“Avenue Code me deu um grande apoio como indivíduo e em minha carreira como .NET Engineer. Adoro estar em contato com diferentes #culturas, #tecnologias modernas e todos os dias posso aprender algo novo.”

“Ser DEVOPS na AC é uma grande oportunidade de trabalhar com tecnologias modernas. Nossa cultura colaborativa faz com que a implementação da integração e automação pareça fácil e divertida.”


We got started when the market was bad. But thanks to great talent and good clients, we’ve grown every year and picked up a lesson or two along the way. A long, strange trip? More like a magic carpet ride.

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Along the way, we’ve collected a few awards. We’re proud of them, but we’re even prouder of the incredible people who make Avenue Code such a special place.