Avenue Code is Awarded Top Five Most Beloved Companies in Brazil

01/17/2017 | São Paulo
Love Mondays, one of Brazil’s foremost workplace evaluators, published the overall ranking for 2016’s 30 most beloved companies, placing Avenue Code at #5 in the country. The rankings were based on an aggregation of spontaneously submitted employee feedback, and took into account factors including quality of life, company culture, compensation/benefits, career growth possibilities, and overall satisfaction. All companies were ranked on a five point scale, with 5 indicating 100% satisfaction. Avenue Code scored an impressive 4.655, coming in a mere fraction of a point lower than top contender Elo7. 

“We’re honored to receive this newest recognition from Love Mondays,” said Danielle Machado, Human Resources Manager for Avenue Code in Brazil. “We have something really special here, and I’m so grateful for every Avenue Coder who makes this company what it is. It’s touching to know that the vast majority of our employees find working here to be such a fulfilling experience, and it reinforces our commitment to continue providing a positive, welcoming, and growth-oriented workplace.”

To view the entire list and read more about Love Mondays, visit http://bit.ly/2jYkRWP.

Avenue Code is a full-service information technology consulting and development organization that specializes in Agile Methodologies (http://www.avenuecode.com). Serving Fortune 100 e-commerce companies, Avenue Code boasts a breadth of experience in e-commerce, omni-channel technology, and mobile development. Avenue Code is committed to providing solutions to assist clients in building sustainable success.