Due to technological innovations customers can engage with your corporation through a multitude of channels. A potential transaction can be conducted using a mobile device, a web page, in person, or a combination of all three.  Historically, each of these revenue paths has been treated separately by retailers. However, the customer does not see them as unique touch points. The customer expects to be constantly up to date.

The Omni-channel concept brings multiple retail streams within a company into a cohesive retail play. At Avenue Code, we leverage the power of cloud computing to construct a coherent look and feel for each medium with an organization's revenue stream.  This allows users to seamlessly interact with a business through whichever interface is convenient for them. For example:

1) A consumer who has purchased an item online can return it in the store

2) With access to the store’s mobile application while on-site, a user can be alerted to discounts as they are shopping

3) Mobile apps and in-store kiosks can help to narrow choices with product wizards before sales associates take the transaction the last-mile.

Avenue Code specializes in Omni-channel deployments and transformative implementations. We make it easier than ever before for different outlets within a company to work together synergistically. Having multiple channels working together to continuously service an individual can transform a lead into a sale.